Stamina 1

The Stamina breaths increase your tolerance to CO2 to mobilize more O2 from your blood to the cells of your body. Use Stamina I, II, and III progressively increase your ability to utilize oxygen and stay calm under pressure.

Mechanics: Relax very deeply and think of other things as you suspend the breath. __WARNING__ *For your safety, we recommend practicing breathwork while sitting or lying down. If you feel lightheaded, please stop immediately. Do not practice while driving or in water.*

Using the Stamina 1 breath


Stamina breaths are practiced by free-divers to build up their tolerance to carbon dioxide and lower levels of oxygen. When we can tolerate higher levels of carbon dioxide we become more resilient to stress whether physical, mental or emotional. Higher tolerance to CO2 contributes to more efficient utilization of oxygen and metabolism.
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