The Calm breath is designed to reduce stress and soothe the mind, in part by lowering your heart rate and blood pressure.

Using the Calm breath

Trail for 1 min
To Relax
Lower heart rate
Reduce Stress + Anxiety
Center before meetings
Enjoy before meals


Sit or lay with your back supported and your spine straight. Breathe with an engaged diaphragm by expanding the ribs and belly on your inhale and contracting them back in toward your spine on the exhale.


Slow and controlled diaphragmatic breathing with an elongated exhale raises our body's vagal-nerve activity. Heightened vagal activity facilitates a soothing data exchange between, lungs, heart & digestive track. Since the parasympathetic nervous system controls your body's best passive responses, this exercise manifests physically as feelings of tranquility & contentment.
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